Study our datasets and research papers and explore how household financial markets
(such as mortgage, pension, and risky asset markets) are set up around the world.

Title Research field
Learning to Take Risks? The Effect of Education on Risk-Taking in Financial Markets
Black, S., Devereux, P., Lundborg, P., & Majlesi, K. (2015)
Financial literacy and education
The Effects of Experience on Investor Behavior: Evidence from India’s IPO Lotteries
Anagol et. al. (2015)
Risky asset portfolio choice
Inattention and Inertia in Household Finance: Evidence from the Danish Mortgage Market
Andersen et al. (2015)
Risky asset portfolio choice
Mortgage Product Choice in Australia: The Impact of Market Stress
Dungey and Yanotti (2014)

Consumer credit
This Is What's in Your Wallet...and Here's How You Use It
Briglevics and Schuh (2014)
Management of liquid assets
Macroeconomic experiences and risk taking of euro area households
Ampudia and Ehrmann (2014)
Risky asset portfolio choice